g e n u i n a   a n g l i c u s  t ō f u s




English Tufa Rock is a limited supply which encompasses the last known source of genuine highest quality Tufa Rock or Tufa Stone in the UK. We are proud to be offering a rare opportunity to purchase this incredible limited collection. Each Tufa Rock is freshly sourced by hand to maintain its stunning surface detail. All enquiries are welcome including orders for bespoke creations such as Aquarium Caves or Tufa Walls. The perfect pieces are hand selected for you based on your requirement as part of a personalised service. The following Tufa Rock range is not exhaustative so if you cant see exactly what you are looking for get in touch! Simply send an email describing the English Tufa Rock you are looking for and we'll get back to you straight away.

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Ideal for plant pot decoration or aquarium bases; this Tufa Gravel offers an excellent aesthetic effect of a stunning natural rock environment. Tufa  provides an excellent nutritional value to soils and can be used in mulch. It boasts superb drainage & aeration factor due to pourous structure. 



Perfect for an enviable decoration of aquariums & fish tanks to create a natural looking environment for your aqualife. These Tufa Swim Throughs are carved by hand and so can be made to any size. Tufa is Marine and Freshwater safe as well as having a beneficial pH buffer affect.

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Perfect for either your marine or freshwater aquarium; English Tufa Rock is an excellent medium of creating a natural looking environment. It's surface although intricate, is safe for delicate aqualife but provides great friction for saftely stacking and building bespoke Tufa Walls or Tufa Caves. It can be easily drilled and glued into place. Tufa's structure is 40-60% porous meaning its conveniently light for easy arrangment in the tank. Tufa Rock's high Calcium content creates a fantastic natural pH buffer. Aqua plant life thrive in Tufa enabling the potential to grow endless plant species as part of your aquascape.


English Tufa Rock have proudly supplied such prestigous clients as the West Midland Safari & Leisure Park as seen in the photographs. In 2013 their team used English Tufa Rock to create a stunning marine environment to be enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.