g e n u i n a   a n g l i c u s  t ō f u s




All enquiries are welcome. Whatever your project is, no matter how small or large, we will hand select the perfect pieces and supply photographs to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for . We arrange secure delivery within the UK and abroad at competitive prices. This supply is limited so get in touch!


Email: enquiries@english-tufa-rock.co.uk

Telephone: 07379377539


In order to select the perfect pieces please state the approximate sizes/weights and quantity if known.

For Example, 24 pieces, 7" x  5" x 5".


If you do not know exactly what it is you are looking for then thats no problem, just give a brief description of your project and we will be able to advise.


We accept payment by PayPal invoice of electronic bank transfer.