g e n u i n a   a n g l i c u s  t ō f u s



Tufa Rock or Tufa Stone is a rare and stunning natural rock that encompasses a diverse range of characteristics enabling it to be enjoyed within a fantastic collection of environments.


This private source of English Tufa Rock is extracted by hand to maintain its stunning surface detail. English Tufa Rock is the last known source of genuine highest quality Tufa in the UK. We are offering the opportunity to purchase this incredible  collection composed of varying shapes and sizes.


Tufa Rock is formed over many centuries. Its structure is composed of calcified organic material including twigs, leaves, mosses and snail shells creating an intricate decoration comparable to none. Tufa forms when calcium rich waters flow over organic material within an exposed atmosphere. As the water evapourates the delicate organic material becomes calcified.  


English Tufa Rock welcomes all enquiries including orders for bespoke creations and assortments. Tufa constructions, for example aquarium caves or Tufa Walls which can be arranged to specific requirments. No matter how large or small your project is whether it be a single piece or rockery we can help. Simply send an email with your specifics or project requirements and we will work with you to source the perfect English Tufa Rock you desire.

Email: enquiries@english-tufa-rock.co.uk    Telephone: 07379377539